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Bringing Expressions of Local History and Culture to Airports

Clear wayfinding in aviation facilities is of utmost importance to aid in passengers’ navigation of these complex environments. There are systems of universal symbols and general a agreement on terminology for airport destinations that aid in travelers’ positive experiences in terminals.
These common symbols and terms point to the idea of highly uniform universal wayfinding signs at all airport terminals. While we believe this is important to certain aspects of an airport’s signs, we also believe totally uniform signage throughout the aviation system is the wrong approach.


Sports Basement – Berkeley Iceland

Sports Basement has a unique business approach which focuses on engaging the communities where their stores are located. They took on what was most likely their largest challenge when they decided to turn the historic Berkeley Iceland into their most recently opened store.

Berkeley Iceland was an indoor skating facility funded by local community leaders and built by W. A. Bechtel in 1939. It was home to a number of highly notable events, including first gold medals for future Olympic champions Dick Button in 1947 and Peggy Fleming in 1966. Frank Zamboni became manager in 1956 and eventually the rink owner.